Our Story

Bosque ABC Ranch came to be as an extension of our love for the outdoors, nature, animals and teamwork. Several years ago after retiring, we began to narrow down our activities to those things  we really enjoy.  Living in rural New Mexico, up next to the Rio Grande green belt known as the Bosque (pronounced boss-key), we were looking for something organic and therapeutic. Why not alpacas for their wonderful dispositions, easy keeping and beautiful fleece? Add to that sweet pollinators and honey producers. Top it off with our long time passion for roasting the best, freshest, cup 'o joe in the country, and we think we have the winning combo!


Come by, visit our farm,  share a cup of coffee, try our products and swap a life story or two. See you  soon!




   Here at ABC Ranch our days begin early with the care of our 7 active alpacas.  We currently have 4 boys and 3 girls. A new baby boy born in August 2020, a male born last summer and both of their daddy's.

Also among our herd  are 2 girls and their mother.

   Nestled in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley under the ancient cottonwoods you will find our 2 acre grazing pasture, where our herd romps and feeds.

   Both of our young males are for sale. If interested, please call

505-620-8418   Also Yarn....



    Fascinated would be an understatement,

when it comes to bees and the Woods!

We are newcomers to the apiary  world but are determined to learn. A friend of ours once said after beekeeping for several years, that if it were French he would know "Wee".  Well spoken of us.

   We did however harvest 100 pounds of honey this last summer and are told it is the best ever.  We offer it for sale in 8 oz bears, 12 oz bears and 24 oz bottles.